FAQs………..for Bud2Blossom Day Home

What is a Private Dayhome?

A Private Dayhome is regulated by the day home provider . The Children and Adult ratio along with standards in this dayhome is perfect. The standards are very similar to an approved day home as the provider was running an approved day home before changing it private. As parents you can be worry free by leaving your kids in safe hands. Please see the Dayhome Standards Manual.

What’s full time/ part time fee?

Please call me (403-700-4376) to check on that.

What are your hours of operation?

My Dayhome is open from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM. It’s closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Stat holidays.

I work on shifts/evenings/weekends. Do you accommodate my kids?

My Dayhome hours are set for the daytime. I am very sorry to say that I won’t be able to accommodate your kids.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, I have a driver and she drives the kids to the bus stop or to the schools nearby.

Is your Dayhome closer to any of the schools in Evanston?

Yes, it’s 3 blocks away from the Catholic School….Our Lady of Grace.

Is your First Aid and CPR up to date?

It’s up-to-date and valid until 2021.

How many children will you take care of?

I’m allowed to take care of six kids in total.

What type of activities will my child be doing?

There is a range of activities held both indoors and outdoors.  Sand and water table,, play structure with a swing and slide in the backyard, and kids walk down to the nearby park too during spring and summer.  There’s dance, music, action songs, rhymes, identifying flash cards, coloring, making shapes with playdoh, story time, circle time, exercise, yoga, arts and crafts, building blocks, etc., as indoor activities.

What are your methods of discipline?

Just redirecting them or make them do their favorite activity.

Do you have police clearance and child intervention check?

Yes, beside me, the members in my family also have them.

What is your late policy?

There is penalty for late pickups. While signing the contract you will get to know about that.

What’s the notice period for admitting or taking the kid away from dayhome?

One month notice is sufficient for both.

How often do the kids take nap?

Kids, usually, take nap after their lunch, but it varies according to the age of the kid.

Are healthy snacks and lunch provided?

The snacks and lunch are home cooked vegetarian food. They are very nutritious following the guidelines of Canada Food Guide.

How often does a menu change?

It changes every week.

Will you provide Organic food items?

Yes, I can provide if the parents are willing to pay an additional amount to the existing fees. A few items are already organic in nature.

What are the expectations around toilet training and diapers?

Diapers are provided by parents for the infants and toddlers. 2-2.5 is the right age to potty train kids.

This Dayhome accepts 3 year olds who are already toilet trained.

What is your sick policy?

If the kids are sick, they have to stay at home. Medicines will not be administered by the dayhome provider. However, with the medical consent form from the parents, the provider is allowed use EpiPen and the follow up medication for common illnesses.