“Bud2blossom is a great day home. My younger son went to Kala for a year and every day was an adventure. Kala having a teaching background ensured my son learnt new things every day and he always enjoyed going back the next day. I knew that he was safe and loved always.”
Mythri Shenoy

“We had really good experience with the day home. The routine is well structured and focuses on all aspects of learning. My daughter had good time here. You can rely on Kala and have peace of mind while at work. It’s a very safe and fun to be place. “
Tanu and Ravi

“Our daughter always loved to go the day home every day. Facility is neat and clean. Good food. Good activities.”
Divya & Sandeep

I am a mother of 3 children. I have had my children at multiple dayhomes throughout the past 6 years.

The education my son has received from this dayhome/preschool has been phenomenal. Ms. Kala explores many avenues of education. He is counting, repeating alphabets and singing songs I have never taught him! Her communication with parents is exceptional, clear and precise. She has a great routine set up which includes daily outdoor exposure. I wish I would have found bud2blossom sooner and put my daughters in there.
Rav Chana RN, BScN

Bud2Blossom DayHome & Preschool is a great place for my children ! My younger one loves fresh ,healthy and tasty food made by Kala. A welcoming and warm attitude where children are taught with positive approach and provide us with regular feedback. I always had a piece of mind that my kids are in caring and safe hands. They do lots of singing, dancing, reading and outside play. For my kids it’s like their second home.
Aakriti Gupta

I have been Pushkala’s neighbor for the past 6 years and have had my daughter Kaavya Kadaba in the day care “Bud2Blossom” 2 years back before she started school.

– I found the day home very clean and kid friendly with attractive toys to both entertain and learn

– As a care giver, Pushkala is friendly, warm and loving making the transition for my daughter from home to day-home seamless

– She did provide nutritious food and even a picky eater like my girl would actually end up scrupulously eating

– Appropriate activities, crafts, story times and circle time made it fun that my daughter would look forward to going to the day home

– Pushkala’s enthusiasm is infectious the kids love it …be it making snow angels in the snow backyard or the Halloween specials or play time at the park!!

Overall I think I would highly recommend her day home to any child since I think as the name rightly suggests she transitions the budding kids into blossoming them confident, independent young toddlers ready for school!!

Brinda Kadaba ( Mother of Kaavya Kadaba)

Bud2Blossom Dayhome is fantastic! My son learned so much when he attended. He quickly picked up his alphabets and songs, and I sincerely believe that the program prepared him for success in school. He loved going to dayhome every day, which speaks volumes for the love and care that Pushkala showed day in and day out. I love that he received fresh, healthy and home made food daily. I highly recommend Bud2Blossom Dayhome and Preschool!
Simar Chana